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How God Met My Pain

Our lives are indeed journeys through valleys and mountaintops. Before coming to Living Waters, my journey seemed more like driftwood floating through the ocean. I was waiting for the next wave to move me along. My heart was hollow. My … Continue reading


Finding True Identity

“Things will be different for you.” These were the first words that were uttered into my ear the day I was born. They were said by my mother, who was motivated by a desire to break the cycle of oppression … Continue reading


Overcoming Same-Sex Attraction

As a worship offering during Lent I watched The Passion movie. Of my “fasts” and “feasts” this year, one fast was to abstain from movies unless I was in the company of others. So I invited men and women from … Continue reading


Confession Opens Ways Grace

In my legalistic upbringing in a conservative church, there wasn’t room for imperfection. The love I received was in response to the perfect, compliant image I could convey. I felt great shame for my failings and imperfections, and I was … Continue reading


Feeling Not Quite Right

As a little girl growing up in the 60s, I felt twinges of things being “not quite right” with my interests. Dolls seemed lifeless and boring, as did playing house. My best friends were the boys in the neighborhood, and … Continue reading