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Freedom from Shame, Freedom for my True Identity

I came to know this ministry in 2000 when I attended Andy Comiskey’s first seminar in Thailand called “A Pure Life by the Power of the Cross.” The real life testimonies and teachings from various speakers affected me greatly. It … Continue reading


No Place I’d Rather Be

I have misunderstood and misused my sexuality and my femininity. I’ve had sex before marriage, been involved in a lesbian relationship, and struggled with emotional dependency on both men and women. I certainly did not see myself as a gift, … Continue reading


Finding Home

My church upbringing was a positive experience. I had lots of support in my teen years, and the youth group was a place where I belonged. My good Christian friends gave me confidence in myself. I always had my parents’ … Continue reading


Deep Shame Was Growing

She sat there, a teenage mother holding her infant son, looking out over the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs above a California beach. Her heart was deeply lonely and she felt empty. For hours each day she sat there looking, … Continue reading


Love Beyond Shame

I was born and raised in an environment that looked good and godly. But its “goodness” actually fostered a strong sense of inadequacy, remorse and frustration. I became defensive and pushed away the acceptance and love that I desired and … Continue reading