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Beauty and The Breach Video

Marriage is the most important relationship on earth. When it is broken, it damages all involved; its healing releases wholeness for generations to come. Beauty and the Breach is designed to be a sound and clear group format for couples … Continue reading


Needed Breakthrough

A woman describes how Living Waters brought the breakthrough that we needed for her marriage.


Consequences of Abuse and Restoration

From the husband: Many of us come to Living Waters not realizing how our personal “walls” are torn down and burned. Where our boundaries have been compromised or destroyed, we usually respond in one of two ways. First, we may … Continue reading


A Broken Man’s Journey to Wholeness

I am a broken man: damaged by neglect and abuse, afflicted with drug and alcohol abuse, acquainted with depression and mental illness. I come from a long line of broken men. My grandfather fled his native country for the promise … Continue reading


Marriage in Crisis

Twenty years ago my husband Mike and I first participated in the Living Waters program. During a time of crisis in our marriage, we didn’t know where to turn. Although we had been honest with Christian friends concerning the pattern … Continue reading


Sexual Hunger and Satifaction

As I considered and prayed about writing this, the clear word that I heard was “wandering.” In Psalm 107 the psalmist describes wandering in desert wastelands, driven by hunger and thirst all the while having life ebb away. Such an … Continue reading