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Strength in Weakness – Andrew Comiskey
Abba’s Arms, Sandra Wilson
Agnes Sanford Teaching Libraries: CFO and C3
Alliance Defending Freedom
Changes that Heal – Cloud and Townsend
Daystar TV & Joni Lamb 
Focus on the Family
Healing for Damaged Emotions, David Seamands
Invitations from God, Adele Calhoun
Joyce Meyers Ministries
Liberty Counsel 
Moody Radio 
Practicing The Presence of God – Brother Lawrence
Presence of the Future – George Eldon Ladd
The Courage to be Chaste – Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
The Journey to Wholeness in Christ, Signa Bodishbaugh
The Healing Light – Agnes Sanford
Theology of the Body for Beginners, Christopher West
Tale of Three Kings – Gene Edwards
Real presence – Leanne Payne
Restoring the Christian Soul, Leanne Payne
Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing, Valerie McIntyre
The Healing Presence, Leanne Payne
Transformation of the Inner Man, John & Paula Sandford