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Restoration to Awkward Places

Restoring My Name My given name at birth was Debra; I was probably named after the perky actress Debbie Reynolds and I remember really loathing my name. While Reynolds is five feet tall (if that) I’m six feet and have … Continue reading


Choosing Hope Over Disappointment

The trees rushed by, a hazy blur outside the car window. As my mother drove, she conveyed important news to my sister and I: my father was gone and would not be coming home. Why was he leaving? Did I … Continue reading

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How Do I Embrace Life When I Feel Hopeless?

“It is where personal power seems most defeated that we are given the most profound opportunities to act in true faith.” Gerald May, Addiction and Grace Not long after completing my first Living Waters program, I discovered I was HIV … Continue reading


Speaking Grace and Forgiveness

As a daughter of a 1952 Olympic athlete, I grew up knowing that the boys in my household had a destiny, and the girls got to cheer them on. That’s what girls did: cheer the boys on. I did that … Continue reading


Afraid of Men and Boys

I grew up in a Christian home. I heard a lot of truth from the Bible, both at home and in church. We were pretty much there whenever the doors were open. In my experience, truth was not met with … Continue reading


I Should Have Been Born A Boy

I recall being seven years old and identifying with my father: I always wanted to be with him and like him. As I was drawn to masculine activities, I always felt that I should have been born a boy, not … Continue reading