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Finding My True Voice – Becoming A Lion

Men are meant to be lions—conquerors, strong, tender and victorious in the midst of challenge. Such men are also lovers. They selflessly do good for others even to the point of death. These men are meant to be dangerous and … Continue reading


Learning To Trust

Trust has always been the issue. Who is trustworthy? How do I place my well-being in another person’s hands? Can anyone handle the secrets I keep? I do not want the secrets. Their burden is heavy and they eat away … Continue reading


Shining Light On Shame

“Our true selves are not perfect selves. . . . Love alone frees us to admit recurring weaknesses.” The idea of my weaknesses being exposed, let alone actually confessing them, terrified me for many years. I had carried a seemingly … Continue reading


Overcoming Fear of Rejection

From my earliest childhood memories, I felt defective and uncovered. Instead of the carefree existence that one would hope young children experience, my childhood was marked by a pervasive sense of isolation, alienation and a fear of rejection. I rarely … Continue reading


Healing Trauma, Fear and Abuse

It wasn’t until I attended my first Living Waters training that I named abuse as part of my past. While listening to the teaching and the definitions for different types of abuse, I realized I had experienced this kind of … Continue reading


Get Out of Our Bedroom!

My husband, Christopher, and I are in our bedroom, very interested in something other than sleeping. Suddenly, doors magically appear in the walls of our bedroom and people begin pouring in and milling about, wanting to interact with us. I … Continue reading