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The Gift of Caring For Others

When I received the request to write an update on our lives, a myriad of things came to my mind which I could share regarding what the gift of healing has made possible. Through the cross of Jesus and the … Continue reading


My First Defense Was Anger

“Masculinity is an achievement, not a given, and it is vulnerable to developmental injury.” Joseph Nicolosi I knew sex outside of marriage was sinful and that as a Christian I was not supposed to engage in sexual behavior until marriage. … Continue reading


Walking Away from Addiction towards Healing

Growing up in a Christian family, I was extremely blessed to know the story of Jesus from a very early age. My elementary years were happy ones for the most part, as I was homeschooled while also attending a Christian … Continue reading


Finding My Father

I am the child of a Latin single mother who loved me so much that she gave me life. Yet I had a couple of strikes against me. Not only did I have the stigma of being born out of … Continue reading


God’s Treasure

The brightly wrapped Christmas box contained the best thing I thought I had ever made. It was a plaster mold of my six-year-old hand. Spray painted gold and topped with a loop of the same red ribbon that held the … Continue reading