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Breaking Down Walls of Self-Protection

I spent most of my life living behind a wall of self-protection. If I was just big enough, strong enough, smart enough or angry enough, I might be able to keep people away, especially those who had power to hurt … Continue reading


Do I Need To Forgive My Abuser?

My failure to forgive my stepfather for all the abuse and humiliation he inflicted upon me acted as a barrier to greater healing within me. For years I was consumed with anger, hatred and bitterness toward him. The years of … Continue reading


Overcoming Sexual Abuse

In my early twenties I found the courage to face my attraction to the same sex. After a couple of years of secular counseling, I was able to acknowledge my sexual confusion. Even though I was able to understand more … Continue reading


A Journey Towards Wholeness

A journey often leads to unexpected places, as did my time attending Living Waters. One evening a man shared his story; while I listened I grew increasingly uncomfortable, fidgeting and becoming agitated. The violation he experienced seemed rather small to … Continue reading


Learning To Live With Chastity

My journey in chastity as a single person has had its up and downs. As a young child growing up in the Catholic Church I learned that sex before marriage was a sin. I loved God and didn’t want to … Continue reading


Finding Name and Identity

“I hate you!” It was the first time I actually said it out loud to my dad. I was scared. He knew it, and lashed out at me. There was no return volley from me. I recoiled back to my … Continue reading