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What is Men Pursuing Purity?

Pornography, lust and more serious forms of addiction are destroying men, their marriages, and their lives. The result: godly men are being lost to the darkness. Men Pursuing Purity, by Ron Citlau, is an eight-week program and booklet, designed for men who desire real sexual purity. Centered on community, confession and the healing power of the cross, men get free, gain the tools to stay free, and gain vision to live lives of holy purpose and power.

Is Men Pursuing Purity for me?

Men Pursuing Purity is for all men, age 18 and up who struggle with sexual purity and want to be free from the damaging effects of sexual brokenness and addiction. Young and old from all church backgrounds are welcome!

What is the format?

Weekly meetings include worship, teaching and small groups. In each group, participants are given a chance to check in, discuss the teaching and then receive prayer within the small group. Accountability and prayer are two of the major components of the small groups.

How long is the program? 

8 weeks.

Where can I host a group?

Men Pursuing Purity makes for a great church men’s small group but you can host it anywhere that Christian men desire to live in purity.

How do I start a group?

Anyone can start a group by ordering the Men Pursuing Purity Booklet but we strongly encourage you to attend an upcoming Living Waters training first.  Click here for training information. (link)

How much does it cost?

Please contact your local coordinator for the price.

Purchase the Men Pursuing Purity guidebook.

This sounds great but we have been doing men’s ministry for several years do you have a longer program?

We recommend Falling Forward our intensive 20 week men’s program.

For more information email fallingforward@desertstream.org or call 866-359-0500.