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Through clear instruction and powerful testimonies, Listening for the Healing Word will help you implement listening prayer in small group settings.

Simply put, Listening Prayer involves ‘hearing” what God wants to reveal and conveying it humbly. Listening / healing prayer is our main task for Living Waters large and small group ministry times.

We lay aside our understanding, our agendas, good ideas and advice. Rather than blurting out what we think is best or necessary, we choose to wait and listen.

Our continual prayer rises to Him: “God come and do what only You can do!” As we are silent and give Him room, He comes. God speaks our language, through words, images, sensations, emotions; really any way He wants to. He comes in ways the one receiving prayer can truly hear, giving what He alone knows they need.

In receiving these words of life and hope, men and women are healed and their lives transformed.

For more information email aarmstrong@desertstream.org or call 866-359-0500.